The technological change brings mostly progress, but it involves also risks that require latest inspection techniques and continuous training . Achieving and maintaining these qualities require regular further training and qualification measures. It also includes safety courses, roping exercises for rescuing persons and training courses about survival on the open seas. Based on generally accepted standards, the experts of windexperts participate regularly at training and instruction courses.

In doing so, the following goals are in focus:

  • To carry out working tasks safely and reliably in compliance with the legal requirements considering site-specific features
  • To recognise aspects of their work tasks that might increase the risk of injuries
  • To develop and apply an understanding for a safe execution of the daily work at and on turbines including the reliable operation of the equipment
  • To recognise signs and symptoms of injuries related to faulty handling techniques as well as to notify windexperts systematically about them as a basis to avoid such techniques in the future

Regularly updated risk assessments and information of our experts contribute significantly to the improvement of safety at work.windexperts pay special attention to the direct exchange of experience among the experts. The practical experiences of each individual expert related to safety aspects, creates a most valuable pool of knowledge for the whole network.